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Medicine that helps – not harms

● Do you have pain, anxiety, fatigue?

● Do you have issues with weight loss and gut health?

● Would you like assistance with fertility and birthing?

● Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition or have been under treatment for cancer?


You have arrived at the portal to your healthy, pain-free life!

Anyone who has had pain or chronic illness knows, it is so incredibly draining! You feel your life getting smaller, you have less and less hope for a happy future. It has been my joy to help people see a light at the end of that tunnel as they begin to feel better and better, discovering new ways to take care of health that that we were never taught before.

If you are seeking care for body pains, fertility issues, IBS, skin conditions, anxiety or chemotherapy support, we can guide you toward how to best use acupuncture and/or our health coaching systems. I have treated people with these conditions for many years and have seen wonderful results. If this is your first time here, please take advantage of our complimentary phone consultation to determine your needs.

If you are looking for direction on how to use natural medicines, you can take advantage of our proven, integrative health programs. We have designed these to guide you thru the commercial maze of vitamin and herbal remedies while getting the benefit of the ancient guidelines of healthy living taught in Chinese Medicine. Our are a treasure trove of how-to remedies and lifestyle guidance.

You can choose between a group online wellness coaching program or a one-one health consultation. Both are designed to give you lasting allergy relief, hormone and emotional balance, weight loss, and better gut-health to strengthen your immune system and improve inflammation.

We offer acupuncture as a stand alone service for those wishing to use this ancient and amazingly effective method of care. Getting acupuncture services at our office is a great experience. If you haven’t tried it yet, we’ve been told it’s the “best kept secret in town”! Imagine pain melting away, being able to move easily and you’ve prevented an unnecessary surgery. Your breathing freely and your stomach is calm. You have a closer mind-body connection making you more resilient to stress, and a happier more self-honest person. Our local office provides serve to the Eastern Tennessee, Southwest Virginia and Western North Carolina regions. Folks travel from Asheville, Knoxville and even was far as Kentucky to come for acupuncture relief.

Our goal is to re-unite you with your innate health. To restore you to balance by removing your health obstacles. And above all, the biggest benefit of health, is to create a path for your inner spirit to shine and prosper, and that makes the world a better place.

Browse thru the site, then set up a complimentary first-time call to ask any questions and find out what would be the most helpful for you and how to move forward on your next step. If you are willing to put in the work to make changes and keep showing up for yourself, I promise to do the same. I will meet you were you are and offer you clear guidance and the benefit of my experience.


Find out if acupuncture or other natural remedies can help your condition
• Fill out a brief questionnaire and speak to the acupuncturist about what’s going on with you – specifically
• We’ll decide the best action for your needs using our advanced knowledge base
Click here to schedule your call online or call 423.239.7044 to get your free 30-minute consultation


• Your first New Patient Visit will include an in-depth health assessment and a full acupuncture session- 90 minutes
• Schedule yourself using your own Secure Patient Portal by clicking here
• You’ll be prompted to fill out your Health History Discovery Form before your visit


• Come in- have some peace and quiet in an environment where people understand what you are going thru
• Our office staff and practitioners are here to help
Let’s get you feeling better!